Advocacy Day

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Date:           Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time:           9:00am to 1:00pm
Location:    NC State Legislature, Raleigh NC

Be part of NCPTA's legislative efforts, by attending Advocacy Day at the North Carolina legislature on Tuesday, April 11 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Talk to your legislators about issues that are important to physical therapy including spinal manipulation and the Licensure Compact legislation. If you plan on attending, please register here.



Webinar Rebroadcast

Lobbying 101: Getting to Know your Legislator

If you missed the recent webinar, Lobbying 101: Getting to Know your Legislator, you can view it here.

 Speaker: Nancy Garland, JD; NCPTA Executive Director, former VP

                of APTA Government Affairs and former Ohio legislator,
                will discuss the key to political success - "Relationship,
                Relationship, Relationship."

NCPTA has an ambitious legislative agenda this legislative session and we need your help. In February, HB187 was introduced in the House. We need everyone to be part of the process to get this passed, as well as the spinal manipulation legislation, compact licensure legislation, and to prevent other health professionals from prohibiting physical therapists from providing services they are qualified to provide.

In order to further the NCPTA legislative agenda, you need to get to know your state legislators. How do you do that? Register for the webinar Getting to Know Your Legislator.

  • Learn how to get to know your Legislator
  • Discover how to become a valuable resource to your representatives
  • Determine how the political process works, or doesn't work  


Spinal Manipulation Legislation

Spinal Manipulation legislation has now been introduced in both the House and Senate. The House legislation, HB 187 was introduced on February 23 by primary sponsors Rep. Nelson Dollar, Susan Martin, Josh Dobson and John Torbitt, and now has 23 sponsors. The other co-sponsors are as follows:  

AdcockBelkL. BellBoswellBrissonButlerClevelandCunninghamGrangeHolleyHunterJohnsonLucasMeyerPresnellB. RichardsonB. TurnerWillinghamWray

The Senate Bill, S.177 was introduced on March 2. The primary sponsors in the Senate are Sen. Louis Pate, Sen. Joyce Krawiec, and Sen. Ron Rabin (R). Other co-sponsors in the Senate are Cook, D.Davis, J. Davis, Lowe and Woodard.

If your state representative or senator is a sponsors listed above, please call or e-mail them to thank them for sponsoring the bill. To find who your representative or senator  go to Who Represents Me or download the APTA Action app on your phone. 

We are now waiting to find out what committees the bills will be referred to and when hearings will be held.  We will notify members as soon as we know when hearings will be held as we will want you to contact legislators who are on those committees to vote in favor of the bills. When the bills go to the floor of the House and/or Senate we will also want you to contact your state legislators to urge them to vote in favor of the bill. For talking points on the spinal manipulation bill click here. 

You will remember during the last legislature, the Senate bill never got out of the Senate Rules Committee, though the House bill was passed by the House by a vote of 102-13. 

What will this legislation do?

This bill will do one single thing -  eliminate the North Carolina law that requires a physician referral for physical therapists to perform spinal manipulation. Various physician groups agree that is an unnecessary requirement.  It is a burdensome law that delays needed care to physical therapy patients and adds increased costs for the patient on the health care system. These bills decrease the cost of care  and eliminate the need for an extra appointment to obtain a special referral to see a physical therapist.

Why should this legislation be enacted?

Physical therapists have been performing spinal manipulation since the 1920's.  Forty-seven other states, the District of Columbia, the VA, the Public Health Service, and all four military services do not require a special physician referral for spinal manipulation

Physical Therapists are educated to perform spinal manipulation and are safe to perform spinal manipulation as evidenced by the lack of insurance claims noted by HPSO, the largest insurer of Physical Therapists.