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The Mission of the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association (NCPTA) is to improve the health, function and quality of life of individuals by representing, promoting and advancing the profession and best practice of physical therapy in North Carolina.


We hope that you and your loved ones were not impacted during the recent Hurricane Matthew. The Board of Directors of NCPTA is aware of the concerns of some registered attendees regarding the ability to attend the 2016 Fall Conference in Greensboro given the adverse weather and associated events. We, as the Board of Directors, will be reviewing the concerns expressed regarding requests for refunds or credits during the conference. Our position will be posted as soon afterward as possible, but please note that the conference is going on as planned without a schedule change at this time, and that the Association is in a contractual agreement for use of the venue. Any updates will be posted on the NCPTA website (www.ncpt.org) and on the NCPTA Facebook page. Thank you for your understanding.

***UPDATE AS OF 10/13/2016***
The NCPTA BOD has met and discussed developing a position statement regarding refunds for those who are unable to attend due to Hurricane Matthew.  NCPTA will consider requests from those who reside in zip codes designated by the NC Governor as disaster areas or areas in a state of emergency.  Your request should include your contact information including your email address and postal address.  Please state the reason for your request for a refund.  Your request must be postmarked or email date stamped by October 25, 2016.  Based upon the number of approved requests, we will determine the amount of refunds to be provided.  You will be notified by email upon determination of the status of your request.  Refunds will be provided as soon as possible but no later than 6-8 weeks from the receipt of the request.  We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and recover quickly from the damage caused by the storm.  

Thank you for making the Fall 2016 Conference the most attended in the history of NCPTA!  The Fall 2017 Conference is scheduled for October 13-15. 2017.  For course handouts and post-conference info, click here.




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A Victory for Physical Therapy Patients: North Carolina Court Dismisses Lawsuit Designed to Eliminate Dry Needling

In September 2015, the North Carolina Acupuncture Licensing Board filed a lawsuit in North Carolina state court for a singular purpose: to prevent North Carolina physical therapists from providing dry-needling treatments to North Carolina patients.

That lawsuit, I am glad to report, has now been dismissed.

In an order issued last week, the North Carolina Business Court dismissed all of the Acupuncture Board’s claims against the Physical Therapy Board and several NCPTA members. The Court’s thorough and well-reasoned decision can be found at this link.

The dismissal, unfortunately, does not mark the end of this battle. Days after its lawsuit was dismissed in full, the Acupuncture Board started more legal proceedings with the Physical Therapy Board. The new proceedings have the same purpose as the now-dismissed lawsuit: trying to prevent North Carolina patients from receiving the safe, effective treatment that those patients choose.

There is no reason to stop North Carolina patients from receiving dry-needling treatment. This is especially true when the ones who are trying to eliminate dry needling are doing it to protect their power in the marketplace.

The NCPTA will continue to fight for North Carolina patients and for physical therapists who serve those patients. The fight includes a federal antitrust lawsuit against the Acupuncture Board—a lawsuit that documents years’ worth of attempts to block North Carolina patients from receiving dry-needling treatments. You can find a copy of our federal lawsuit at this link.

The NCTPA’s efforts, of course, require resources. The NCPTA seeks your help to ensure that physical therapists and our patients win this battle. We owe it to our patients to stand up for their access to care.

Now is the time to consider a contribution to our legal defense fund—$100, $250, $500, or even $1,000. You can donate on our website by clicking this link.

Please donate today.

NC Physical Therapy Association