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Employment Advertisements

See the Career Center for details.

All employment ads must go through the Career Center unless approved by the Executive Director or Treasurer

Career Center

1-866-376-0949, extension- 7058



(non employment related)

Email blastcast form

  • NCPTA approved education course eblast- $75 * 
  • Non-NCPTA approved education course eblast- $150*     
  • Other services eblast- $150* 
  • NCPTA member eblast -$75.00 



*NC PT/PTA Educational programs receive 50% discount if placed by a member ($75.00)(see form)

Education Calendar

Education Calendar Posting (member or approved provider or program) - $25*

Education Calendar Posting  (non-member) - $50

*Courses approved by the NCPTA Continuing Comptence Committee receive a discounted rate (equal to member rate)

 Terms and Conditions

All graphics or artwork must be camera ready and in jpg or gif format.  Resizing of the logo is at no cost.  Logos or photos cannot be embedded in a word document.  All URLs supplied need to be active at the time of submission.
NCPTA follows APTA policies with regard to physician owned physical therapy practices and does not post these in any NCPTA publications, materials or on the website.  NCPTA reserves the right to decline any advertisement, advertiser or material at is sole discretion.  NCPTA reserves the right to alter any advertisement as necessary within reasonable limitations so that it fits the requirements of the website, publication or any other NCPTA material.
 Questions??  Please contact the NCPTA at or call (919) 841-0268.