Continuing Competence 

The North Carolina Physical Therapy Association (NCPTA) is authorized under the North Carolina General Statute 21 NCAC B.0108 to:
  • approve continuing competence credit for INDIVIDUAL programs/activities
  • approve PROVIDERS of continuing competence activities who can then issue credit for their own programs that meet the Rules for the Standards of Continuing Competence Activities under North Carolina General Statute 21 NCAC 48G.0107 without additional review.


Approved Provider: An organization or educational entity that has been approved by NCPTA to offer continuing competence activities for PT/PTA licensees. (Applying for appoval as a provider means you can do as many programs as you want, but you assume the responsibility for making sure each course meets the requirement of the NC Board Rules, for submitting the appropriate information to the Board in a timely manner and for maintaining records about every course you do for 4 years)

Contact Hour: means at least 50 consecutive minutes out of 60 minutesof engagement in a continuing competence activity. Two segments of at least 25 consecutive minutes each is equivalent to one contact hour. Breaks and meals are not included in contact hours.


A) Application for a PROGRAM approval

If you want to obtain continuing competence approval for a PROGRAM you are organizing or presenting, please click below:

  • Once your program is approved, you will be responsible for sending a copy of the attendance records for the program to the NCPTA within 30 days of the the activity.
  • The NCPTA will supply all necessary information to the NC Board of PT Examiners and will maintain all records required by rule to answer any future inquiries or audits from the Board.
  • The fee for this is $100 for an individual program/activity.
B) Application to become a PROVIDER of Continuing Competence Activities

If you would like to become a PROVIDER of continuing competence activities, please click below:

  • Once you have completed the application demonstrating the ability to meet the standards of rule .0107 for an appropriate activity, you will receive a provider number that authorizes you to issue continuing competence credit for any number of future programs that similarly meet the rule standards during the term of approval .
  • As a provider, you will be responsible for maintaining records of all activities provided for a period of at least 4 years that support the appropriateness of continuing competence credit, and for sending attendance records for all activities to the NCBPTE within 90 days of each activity.
  • You would also be responsible for responding to inquiries or audits about those activities from the NCBPTE or the NCPTA.
  • The fee for this is $150 per year.
C) INDIVIDUAL(ATTENDEE) request for continuing competence credit for attending a program

If you are an INDIVIDUAL PT or PTA who would like to receive continuing competence credit for attending a program that meets the standards of rule .0107 but has not otherwise been approved in this or any other state, please click below:

  • You will need to submit sufficient information about the program and presenter to establish that it meets the standards. 
    Application for such credit must be made no later than 30 days after attending the program, but should be made in advance of the program whenever possible.
  • The fee for this application is $25.