NCPT Political Action Committee

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What is the NCPT-PAC?

The NCPT-PAC is a non-partisan political action committee organized to support candidates for state office who share our values and concerns about the profession of physical therapy and the patients we serve. It is a separate entity from the NCPTA with a mission to promote PT and the enhancement of patient access to services.

Who Can Contribute?

Contributions of any amount (up to the legal limit of $4,000 per election cycle) are welcome from individual physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. We also encourage contributions by physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to individual candidates. Contributions to NC PT-PAC are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Contributions are voluntary. Your contribution will be used to support candidates for federal office who support physical therapy issues. 

How do I contribute?

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For More Information:

Contact Mindi McLaurin, PT, DPT, NC-PT PAC Chair at

As Bob Smucker, the founder of the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, once said about nonprofit advocacy, "It is about empowering individuals to make their collective voice heard on a wide range of human concerns."